Transakce na kapitálových trzích

IPO (Initial Public Offerings) and SPO (Secondary Public Offerings)
Patria certifies their presence in the domestic market as the largest trader on the Prague Stock Exchange. Until 2008, our company was also the largest shareholder of the Prague Stock Exchange (in 2008, the Prague Stock Exchange was sold to the Vienna Stock Exchange). Furthermore, we are also dominant internationally as the second largest shareholder of the Bratislava Stock Exchange. With regards to our presence on the market, we have actively participated in all five initial public offerings on the Prague Stock Exchange since 2006.

IPOs and SPOs represent unique solutions for the following situations:

  • Fundraising (usually for further expansion of the company)
  • Creating value for the owner and its long-term growth
  • Creating value for a shareholder in their partial or total exit
  • Restructuring company balance sheets
  • Improving the PR of a company
  • Employee motivation

Squeeze-out, delisting or take-over bids
Due to our capital markets experience, our team is qualified to offer our clients complete services in specialized capital markets operations, including mandatory and voluntary take-over bids, squeeze-outs of minority shareholders, delisting, and management and employee stock option plans.

ZOur team provides consulting services (transaction strategy, cost optimization and process coordination) and also administrative process execution with respect to the Central Securities Depository, the Czech National Bank and the Prague Stock Exchange and minority shareholder payment processing. Our largest executed transaction is represented by the stock buyout of approximately CZK 67 billion worth of ČEZ, a.s. shares.



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