Case Studies

Patria Corporate Finance provided advisory services to the majority shareholders of Úněšovský statek a.s. in connection with the sale of their interest in the company.
The Transaction
The Result

The Transaction

Shareholders of Úněšovský statek a.s., including the company’s CEO who was also a minority shareholder decided to divest the company and agricultural land in their ownership. Patria was mandated to organize the divestment process consisting of the identification of potential investors, preparation of supporting documents, due diligence and deal negotiation.

The goal of the transaction was to find the investor who will offer the most attractive purchase price and clear vision of further company’s strategic development.

Patria approached and negotiated with more than 70 investors, including large strategic foreign entities, Catholic Church and other.

The Result

Bid submitted by the company Consillium a.s. was selected to be the best matching offer to the pre-determined requirements and qualified the investor to the final phase of the transaction.

The important part of the successful completion of the transaction was an agreement about extension of CEO’s employee contract and him to remaining a minority shareholder.

The whole transaction, including preparatory phase, took about 8 months.

Úněšovský statek

With its combined production and total area of arable land, Úněšovský statek ranks among the most important companies in the sector of animal and crop production in the region of western Bohemia. In addition, it was awarded “The best Czech milk producer of 2019” in category Holstein.

The Company (including its subsidiary) operates on more than 7,000 hectares of land and breeds more than 3,000 heads of cattle. Annual milk production reaches 12 million liters.

Consillium a.s.

The family office Consillium was set up by Tomas Němec with a mission to preserve and grow value of his family wealth. The group invests in companies with a long term growth potential.

In his role as a former CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-owner of the company CGS, Tomas Němec contributed to the substantial growth of the company, making it the second largest global off-road tire manufacturer in the world. In 2015, he decided to exit his investment in CGS and set up Consillium, a.s.


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