Case Studies

Patria Corporate Finance provided advisory services to the bankruptcy administrator and to the statutory city of Příbram in connection with the sale of the company Příbramská teplárenská.
The Transaction

The Transaction

During the period from October 2018 to June 2019 Patria together with Naxos, leading auctioneer in the Czech Republic, provided M&A advisory services as a part of the sale of the Příbramská teplárenská assets during bankruptcy process. The sellers were the bankruptcy administrator and the city of Příbram, which was the owner of an extensive heating infrastructure in the city.

Příbramská teplárenská is a major supplier of heat and hot water to households, businesses and other urban amenities in the city of Příbram. Příbramská teplárenská supplies approximately 450 thousand GJ per annum.

Patria conducted sale process with the aim to find a suitable investor for the company, that was in bankruptcy for a long period of time. During this period the company focused only on fulfilling its basic function which was maintaining and operating the energy infrastructure in the city. Through a private tender and high transparency of the sale process Patria managed to find an investor, who highly appreciated business activities of Příbramská teplárenská and its potential and at the same time met the expectations of both sellers.

The Result

The company Příbramská teplárenská was acquired by Mincom CZ member of the EnergoFuture Group in private tender.


EnergoFuture Group owned by the entrepreneur Milan Nebuchla focuses on the search, optimization and operation of energy projects, especially in the area of central heating and renewable energy. In past the Group participated in the revitalization of the biomass power plant in Sviadnov. The EnergoFuture Group concluded the Příbramská teplárenská transaction with the financial support of Natland investment fund, which specializes in investments in the development and turnaround of companies in the Czech Republic.


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