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Patria Corporate Finance provided advisory services to the majority shareholders of BRNO INN a.s. in connection with the sale of their interest in the company.
The Transaction
The Result

The Transaction

The majority shareholder of the company BRNO INN engaged Patria Corporate Finance and ČSOB Advisory teams to find an investor who would further develop the hotel in an acceptable way for the Brno local governmental authorities. Given the location of the hotel in the close vicinity of the Brno International Trade Fair, both local and international strategic investors were approached in the first round of the private tender.

After two-rounds of selection process, CPI Hotels, largest Czech real estate property developer, became the winner of the tender. The company presented the most interesting price offer and a clear vision for further hotel development.

The Result

The client’s goal was to hand over the property to a strategic investor at the highest achievable price. Given that the owner of BRNO INN manages the trade fair complex right next to the property sold, it was very important to find a counterparty whose intention with the asset would correspond to the plans of the city and the seller. All this criteria were met by the investor CPI Hotels.


The owner of BRNO INN was the company BVV Brněnské veletrhy a výstavy, spol. s r.o. which is owned by the statutory city of Brno.

CPI Hotels a.s.

CPI Hotels a.s. is a part of the Czech Property Investments, a.s. group. The Group is the leading owner of the real estate and real estate manager in the Czech Republic and CEE region.


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