Case Studies

Patria Corporate Finance provided advisory services to Penta Investment Group in connection with a voluntary takeover bid for shares of Fortuna Entertainment Group N.V. of minority shareholders.
The Transaction
The Result

The Transaction

Fortuna was a publicly traded company on the Prague Stock Exchange. A majority owner, subsidiary of Penta investment group, has mandated Patria to organize a voluntary offer to buy Fortuna shares. Patria Corporate Finance, a.s. in cooperation with its affiliated company Patria Finance, a.s., one of the key securities traders in the Czech Republic, made this offer and communicated towards minority shareholders.

The Result

The aim of our client was to increase its stake in Fortuna and then invest significantly in it, thus ensuring its further growth. Upon completion of this Transaction, the majority of minority shareholders redeemed their shares and our Client achieved this goal.

Investment Group Penta

Penta Investment Group, established in 1994, is mainly involved in investing into healthcare, retail, financial services, and real estate development. It is estimated that it currently manages assets worth over € 7 billion.

Fortuna Entertainment Group N.V.

The largest odds betting provider in Central Europe. Recent entry into the Croatian and Romanian markets has also expanded its activities beyond this region.


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